Since coming back from Iraq, I’ve needed to have a service dog with me. The dog helps to keep me calm because I’ve had moments where PTSD has made me uncomfortable. Finding Edina MN apartments for rent that would allow me to have a dog was a little difficult, because some places just didn’t allow pets of any kind, regardless of the circumstances. I can see why they don’t, because some pet owners are irresponsible and their animals may get out of control and harm the other residents or disturb them at night. Regardless, my dog was a kind as possible.

Luck came my way when I was able to find just an apartment that would let me have my dog. The apartment was a luxury apartment with a great design and some nice things inside. The marble counter tops were amazing and reminded me of those home shows where people renovate their homes and add all kinds of new things to make them look like celebrity mansions. I always thought it would be cool to have those, but I didn’t have time to do any kind of renovation job for my old place of residence. The apartment also had some nice appliances, and even a dishwasher, which I never had because I would wash all of my dishes on hand.

When my dog and I wake up in the morning, I take him outside for a walk and we pass by some of the other pet owners in the apartment. Just as I talk to the owners, the dog can’t help but talk to the other animals. While other dogs would be loud and aggressive around other animals, especially cats, mine will be as gentle as possible and will even nuzzle against cats. I think they think of him as a cat too.

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