I grew up with my cousins, but after the age of 19, I didn’t see them for many years. I’m nearing thirty years old now, and I started thinking about them recently and decided to get in touch with them. We all connected again quickly. I’m alone in the state I’m living in, and out of the blue, I am suddenly looking at Manassas VA apartments for rent where my cousins all live. This is a really pleasant surprise for me, and I know that I will enjoy being near family once again. If my parents were alive, I think they would be really happy about it, too.

Growing up, our family was pretty close-knit. We were all Lucky that we lived within the same city, and we all lived within just a few miles one another. Weekends were full of family get-togethers. We had barbecues, days full of swimming, weekends at the Saturday or Sunday matinee at the local movie theaters, birthday parties and so many more events that we all shared together. Ended up going to different universities. At some point, each of my cousins got back together in the same state, but I stayed in the state that I graduated from.

After my parents passed away, I figured there was no point in leaving where I was. I had a good job and two dogs. However, I really wish that I would have thought about connecting with my remaining family members more quickly. I guess work and life got in the way for awhile. I flew out to see them in Virginia during a 5-day trip, and it was just like old times. Each of them lives near the Manassas area, and they each told me they would love it if I would find a job there and move there permanently, so that is what I plan to do.

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