Today has been a huge debacle and now we have to some way or another find a different place to stay instead of the one where we thought we would move to the Northlake apartments in Atlanta GA . We got there about seven in the morning after driving all night and then we had to wait for the guy at the apartments to show up and give us the key. I had flown down here last week to figure out this sort of thing and they had told me that the place would be ready to move into. However when we got here this was not the case. The guy did not show up to tell us this until it was almost eleven o clock in the morning. By that time the guys in the moving van were getting pretty upset, they had come to do a job and they wanted to do it and be done with it. I understood exactly how they felt. In fact I already knew what the guy told me. It is not really that easy to get rid of a tenant no mater whether or not they have paid up or not.

You would not think it really, but that is how it is. It seems as though the second that you stopped paying your rent you would be out the door more or less. They can stall you in a number of ways and that was exactly what was going on. This guy apparently had no job and nowhere else to go, so he was delaying it all as long as he could. Apparently he had gotten a roommate that had no clue that they were evicting this guy. At any rate it was a huge mess and the moving company was not all happy when they could not finish the job they had.

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