When my son showed me some Miami Beach apartments, I had to admit that it was a lot nicer than where we had been living. The apartment we were in is the same one that I had right after he was born, so we had it for almost 15 years. A lot happened in those 15 years, including multiple promotions for me. I had thought about moving, but it is one of those things that you think about but somehow never get around to doing it. I am just glad my son is proactive rather than reactive, because we would not have this nice apartment right on the beach otherwise.

I can understand why he wanted to move. We had a two bedroom apartment, but he got kicked out of his bedroom anytime my parents would come down to visit. It was just easier to have him sleep on the couch while they took his room rather than the other way around. I had to laugh when he showed me the three bedroom apartment because his grandparents had been coming a lot more often since my dad retired. That is not the only nice thing about where we live now though.

My son was considerate when he started looking at apartments and made sure that the one we live in now is even closer to where I work. It has cut my commute time almost in half, and that extra 40 minutes I now have per day is a blessing I never realized I needed. The rooms are all very large too, and we each have our own bathroom. That was another sticking point since the former apartment only had one between us. This apartment is beautiful, the view is spectacular, and there is so much more room that it is just the better choice all the way around.

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