Since 2016, there have been rapid changes in the oil market. When oil bottomed out at $20 a barrel last year, oil companies began to panic and many small producers went out of business. Even though oil prices sprung up to around $50 a barrel by the end of the year, investors still worry about the wild price swings that seem to keep occurring. Thankfully, there is hope for investors who want to use this period of rebound to invest.

When the “oil wars” began with Saudia Arabia, the country obviously deeply underestimated the United State’s resolve to use their own oil storage to meet their needs. Unfortunately, this has led to problems in the United States because oil production is drastically down while demand continues to rise. This will definitely cause a rise in price per gallon as the year continues.

Unfortunately, a number of United States oil producers disappeared from the market, leading to a shortage. Most of these were bought out by larger companies or they merged, leading to large conglomerations. With the global needs for oil rising around a million barrels a day, this will be a driving factor for price.

Expert investors recommend individuals begin to invest now before the shortage drives up the cost per barrel even further. Buying now will allow for increased price. This allows investors to see great increases in their investment so their portfolio is stronger than ever before.

The experts also advise it is a good year to start investing in natural gas which is sure to see a shortage. Just as with oil, it is imperative to purchase early on, when prices are lower, so increases will occur after purchase. It is important to act quickly and buy now, while the opportunity is here.

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