Not listening is atop the list of fantastic relationship deal breakers. Pretending to listen to your partner by swinging a “hmm-hmm” their way is a fantastic way to become single. Being distracted from time to time is one thing, but if a person does this all the time, they will be back on the dating market soon enough. To believe that the other person will always be there no matter what happens is a mistake not to be made. In doing so, you will neglect them and no longer try to seduce him or her. Love needs to be cultivated every day. Here are a few other things you may want to fix before it’s too late

Showing very little compassion

Yes, there are baby seals that are dying right now in Antarctica. On the other hand, there are a thousand and one things happening at the same time that these words are being read, but that does not mean a person has to be sympathetic to all of them. Knowing what is important to your lover is just as important as remembering their name after sex. The best way to go about finding someone that can meet your compassionate needs is to take the time out to get to know the person before things get serious. Yes, sex is very important to most people these days and many have intercourse within the first few dates. However, what good is having a sexually compatible partner if they don’t know anything else about you?

Blaming your lover for everything that goes wrong

There is nothing truer than the old saying, “It takes two to tango”. A relationship takes two people giving 100% a piece, not 50/50. Instead of putting blame on him or her, people should put on their big boy/girl pants and take some responsibility for their actions. Lastly, the greatest relationship killer of all happens to come from those who do not know what they really want to begin with. Experts (and most people with some common sense) say that people should know what they want out of a relationship before getting into one.

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