There’re no two ways about it, learning to drive and passing the driver’s test denotes “freedom,” but it can be lost very quickly if a person doesn’t use common sense when driving. They have to ask themselves why would they disobey signs, lights and laws that were put in place to keep drivers, their passengers, other drivers and pedestrians safe? It’s because some people think they’re above obeying the law. They drive aggressively, turn in front of other drivers, go through traffic lights when they’re red, and they drink while driving, all the while endangering their friends and other drivers.

Log onto to get a great idea of how a new driver, and an experienced driver should behave while driving. They definitely should not text, drink, or take their mind off the road even for one second. Getting behind the wheel of a vehicle is like having a weapon in the hand. No one realizes how dangerous others are until an accident happens that changes everyone’s lives forever. Drivers need to follow the rules of the road every minute, but everyone knows someone who thinks the rules were only made for other people, and not them.

It’s a lot of fun to drive the family car, but any dad will take away that extremely valuable privilege if their son or daughter breaks the law or drives like a fool. Parents have years of experience and they also should know they also can’t bend the rules when driving. They have to set the first example for their child. If they want them to behave and follow laws and rules, then they have to follow them first. One paramount rule above just about every other rule is to never argue in a vehicle. This is not the time to settle arguments about children, jobs, personal lives or problems.

Arguing while driving could mean the driver will speed up the car because of anger. No one should be subjected to this cruelty because they know how they’re supposed to act while driving: they need to act with responsibility and the realization that they are a civilized, above reproach adult that should act like one. If rules are not followed and accidents occur, attorneys will have to be called, and drivers may just lose the license they were so excited to obtain.

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