People hire attorneys for different reasons. Some need an attorney to handle problems with an estate, probate, or a will. Some hire an attorney for personal injury issues. Others need an attorney to handle their divorce or child custody. There are others still who get into trouble with law enforcement personnel and need a criminal lawyer. A criminal lawyer handles everything from DUIs to robbery charges to murder cases. There are criminal defense attorneys in Tallahassee who represent clients accused of crimes. Here are some things clients need to know about certain crimes in Florida.

For crimes with a minimal threat of punishment, such as minor shoplifting or a minor domestic dispute, the defendant might try to handle the problem without an attorney. But, when there is too much at stake, such a possible life sentence, a huge fine, or even a death penalty, the smartest thing to do is hire the best criminal defense attorney the defendant can afford. Florida has laws regarding criminal offenses that can be quite complex depending on the particular crime that is committed.

There is a statute of limitations for prosecutors to file criminal charges against a defendant in Florida for most crimes. However, those crimes that are serious felonies, such as murder and kidnapping, have no time limit. For most crimes, the time limit is one year to five years at the most. This time limit applies to misdemeanors and felonies that are not quite as serious. Whichever charge a defendant is facing, he or she will want to have an attorney who has trial experience with criminal cases.

Brooks, LeBoeuf, Bennett, Foster, & Gwartney are attorneys who have been providing legal solutions to clients in the Tallahassee area for more than 30 years. In addition to providing services for those who have been accused of committing crimes, they also offer services for personal injury cases such as wrongful death and automobile accidents. They also represent clients who have employment cases. If anyone is interested in learning more about attorneys who handle criminal cases and personal injury cases, they can visit the website at

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