Just Right for a Service Dog

Since coming back from Iraq, I’ve needed to have a service dog with me. The dog helps to keep me calm because I’ve had moments where PTSD has made me uncomfortable. Finding Edina MN apartments for rent that would allow me to have a dog was a little difficult, because some places just didn’t allow pets of any kind, regardless of the circumstances. I can see why they don’t, because some pet owners are irresponsible and their animals may get out of control and harm the other residents or disturb them at night. Regardless, my dog was a kind as possible.

Luck came my way when I was able to find just an apartment that would let me have my dog. The apartment was a luxury apartment with a great design and some nice things inside. Read More

Getting in Touch with Family Again Was the Right Thing to Do

I grew up with my cousins, but after the age of 19, I didn’t see them for many years. I’m nearing thirty years old now, and I started thinking about them recently and decided to get in touch with them. We all connected again quickly. I’m alone in the state I’m living in, and out of the blue, I am suddenly looking at Manassas VA apartments for rent where my cousins all live. This is a really pleasant surprise for me, and I know that I will enjoy being near family once again. If my parents were alive, I think they would be really happy about it, too.

Growing up, our family was pretty close-knit. We were all Lucky that we lived within the same city, and we all lived within just a few miles one another. Weekends were full of family get-togethers. Read More

I Could Not Be Happier with My Apartment Choice

I knew that once I started viewing different apartments in Brandon FL online that this was going to be easier than I expected it to be. I had never gone apartment shopping before, and I really thought that I was going to have to go to each place in person and take my time looking over everything. Being able to go to a website made my job so much easier, and I was able to cross a lot of apartments off my list after looking at their websites for just a minute or so.

Another nice thing about websites for apartment complexes is that it is really hard to hide how nice or how shabby an apartment is. I looked at some that were really cheap, and you could tell why just from looking at the website. Read More

How I Keep a Garden at Our Luxury Apartment in South Charlotte, North Carolina

I have had a garden in our yard since the first year we moved here. When we bought the place, the previous owner had tomatoes and other stuff planted in a small patch, and he asked me to take care of them and enjoy the harvest. I liked it so much that now we have a huge garden. It was the hardest thing for us to give up when we looked for luxury apartments for rent in South Charlotte NC when we had to move because of a job change. We knew we didn’t want to have the responsibility of taking care of another home. If we bought a new place, we would be renovating no matter what it looked like inside and out. It just seems to be the thing you do when you buy a new home. Read More

A Ski Vacation for Old Friends

My wife and I met in college, and we are still friends with a lot of people from those years. When we decided to look at luxury Vail rentals this last year, she suggested it would be fun to see if any of the old gang would like to get together for a week long ski vacation. The two of us planned on staying for eight days, but that did not mean everyone else had to. It worked out though that everyone was able to take that time off work, especially after hearing about the villa that my wife had found.

While we could haven ever afforded that on our own, it was easy to handle the cost with so many of us splitting the cost. Read More

I Am Moving Back to Atlanta

Today has been a huge debacle and now we have to some way or another find a different place to stay instead of the one where we thought we would move to the Northlake apartments in Atlanta GA . We got there about seven in the morning after driving all night and then we had to wait for the guy at the apartments to show up and give us the key. I had flown down here last week to figure out this sort of thing and they had told me that the place would be ready to move into. However when we got here this was not the case. The guy did not show up to tell us this until it was almost eleven o clock in the morning. By that time the guys in the moving van were getting pretty upset, they had come to do a job and they wanted to do it and be done with it. I understood exactly how they felt. In fact I already knew what the guy told me. Read More

This is the Better Apartment All the Way Around

When my son showed me some Miami Beach apartments, I had to admit that it was a lot nicer than where we had been living. The apartment we were in is the same one that I had right after he was born, so we had it for almost 15 years. A lot happened in those 15 years, including multiple promotions for me. I had thought about moving, but it is one of those things that you think about but somehow never get around to doing it. I am just glad my son is proactive rather than reactive, because we would not have this nice apartment right on the beach otherwise.

I can understand why he wanted to move. We had a two bedroom apartment, but he got kicked out of his bedroom anytime my parents would come down to visit. Read More

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